"The Staff" Bios

These are my babies. They are a great help with the "bz".

Bonnie Lee
WTC rescue kitty:
Bonnie is one of the littlest, luckiest victims of the terror attack. I got her at a shelter downtown shortly after 9/11. She had been on the street in Brooklyn and I think she got hit with “something” that day because she has a burn on her back. It doesn’t seem to bother her, the doc said leave it alone and otherwise she’s fine.

A spoiled little girl who loves to help out at the computer.

Olga Natasha
Little Grand Duchess:
Olga is a Lynx Point Himalayan. After losing my princess,
Michelle, a Blue Point Himmy, I just had to have another furry baby. Olga and her brother were abandoned in an apartment after their former owner was evicted. Thankfully they ended up at Animal Haven and I rushed down when I saw her picture. Her brother had already been adopted.

She has settled in at A Dragon's Tale and is quite the little royal.

Ziva Leia
Puppy mill angel:
Ziva spent five years in an Amish puppy mill having babies over and over for them just to make money. She was rescued after she could no longer produce puppies and brought to Animal Haven where I adopted her.

She loves other dogs but is very afraid of people. We are working on our "social skills". Her name Ziva means "brilliance" or "light of God" in Hebrew. Leia is for Princess Leia of course.

Rocky Jackson Monroe 
Big Guy:
My man Rocky moved in last year when his mother Barbara, a friend of mine, passed away suddenly. He had no other prospects so I took him. She had named him after Rocky Raccoon, Michael Jackson and Marilyn Monroe. He's a big Maine Coon kitty who tends to think he's "king tut" around here. The girls don't always agree.