Fun Stitching Stuff

This page is just for fun - needlepoint 
stuff that I find from all over.

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Dreidels are so cool. In 2013 Hanukkah and 
Thanksgiving came together. The last time this 
happened was 1888 AND it won't happen again 
for 79,000 years. 

I wonder if people will still be needlepointing then?

I don't encourage anyone to let their dog smoke but 
this is just too hilarious.

I just loved this! Dog training from David Venne Needlepoint.

Wouldn't this be the perfect needlepoint pillow?

Someone please adopt me before this damn thing eats me!

Now that's a needlepoint dragon!

Oscar, total cuteness!


Gator Boy!

You can never have too much Tiffany dolling!

Years ago I worked at a studio that advertised movies.
We did this as a proposed poster. Yours truly did the 
cross stitch.

Anyone else have this kind of "help" with your stitching?

Star Wars forever! Even in needlepoint.

Did you know that, needlepoint goes back to ancient 
times and was a favorite past time of the Romans?

The great Lou Gartner at his home 
in Palm Beach, FL with his little buddy. 
1925 - 2011

The tooth fairy lives!

Frank Sinatra's bedroom in Palm Springs, CA. 
Lots of needlepoint pillows!

No comment.

My computer is almost as old as this one.

Anyone else relate to this?

My kind of stitching!